Is your connection healthy?
This is where you can find out! You probably already know that the Internet is a patch work of various Internet providers. No matter how fast your internet connection is; our servers are directly connected to numerous internet backbones so your viewers will load your website lightning fast! Our high availability servers are always on and ready to deliver your website content and email to you and your viewers!

To test latency between our systems and your connection click here. We know that many search engines give lower rankings to slower sites, thats why we always monitor for any performance issues between your website and major search engines.

To test our connection to various search providers:,, these tests use ICMP traffic which is the lowest priority traffic on the internet, web traffic will almost always be even faster!

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On-line Support
If you are already a customer please email us at to open a ticket!
We are always standing by to help, creating a ticket is the fastest way to get your problems resolved. For additional contact information click the link below.

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Service Documents
Here you will find a list of documents that Starnova customers should become familiar with.

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