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Our network is multi-homed using (BGP). We peer with Multiple Tier 1 Carriers. All bandwidth is optimized for performance based routing to ensure the absolute best network connectivity between you and your Starnova services.

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Our Departments
Customer Service:
Telephone: +1 866 892 6165
Local: +1 315 582 4000
Fax: +1 315 692 0210
(Existing Customers Only)
Support E-mail: support@starnova.com
Billing E-mail: billing@starnova.com

(New Customers Only)
Sales E-mail: sales@starnova.com

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Contact Information
Starnova LLC
P.O. Box 135, Manlius NY, 13104

Telephone: +1 866 892 6165
Fax: +1 315 692 0210
E-mail: sales@starnova.com
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